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PBF Energy is one of the largest independent petroleum refiners and suppliers of unbranded transportation fuels, heating oil, petrochemical feedstocks, lubricants and other petroleum products in the United States.

Delaware City, DE

The Delaware City refinery has a throughput capacity of 190,000 bpd and a Nelson complexity rating of 11.3. As a result of its configuration and petroleum refinery processing units, Delaware City has the capability to process a diverse heavy slate of crudes with a high concentration of high sulfur crudes making it one of the largest and most complex refineries on the East Coast.

The refinery is located on a 5,000-acre site on the Delaware River, with the ability to accept crude by rail or waterborne cargoes. It possesses an extensive distribution network of pipelines, barges and tankers, truck and rail for the distribution of its refined products.

Delaware City
Quick Facts


11.3 Nelson

5,000 acre

Paulsboro, NJ

The Paulsboro refinery has a throughput capacity of 180,000 bpd and a Nelson complexity rating of 13.2. It is located on approximately 950 acres on the Delaware River in Paulsboro, New Jersey, just south of Philadelphia and approximately 30 miles North of the Delaware City refinery.

The Paulsboro refinery processes a variety of medium and heavy sour crude oils and predominantly produces gasoline, heating oil and aviation jet fuel. The refinery also manufactures Group I lubricant base oils. In addition to its finished clean products slate, Paulsboro produces asphalt and petroleum coke.

Quick Facts


13.2 Nelson

950 acre

Toledo, OH

The Toledo refinery has a throughput capacity of approximately 170,000 bpd and a Nelson complexity rating of 9.2. Toledo processes a slate of light, sweet crudes from Canada, the Mid-continent, the Bakken region and the U.S. Gulf Coast. Toledo produces a high volume of finished products including gasoline and ultra-low sulfur diesel, in addition to a variety of high-value petrochemicals including nonene, xylene, tetramer and toluene.

The Toledo petroleum refinery is located on a 282-acre site near Toledo, Ohio, 60 miles south of Detroit. Major units at the Toledo refinery include an FCC unit, a hydrocracker, an alkylation unit and an UDEX unit. Crude is delivered to, and finished products are exported from, the Toledo refinery primarily through a network of pipelines.

Quick Facts


9.2 Nelson

282 acre

New Orleans, LA

The Chalmette Refinery, located outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, is a 189,000 barrel per day, dual-train coking refinery with a Nelson Complexity of 12.7 and is capable of processing both light and heavy crude oil. The facility is strategically positioned on the Gulf Coast with strong logistics connectivity that offers flexible raw material sourcing and product distribution opportunities, including the potential to export products.

The Chalmette refinery processes a variety of crude oils and predominantly produces gasoline, distillates and specialty chemicals.  The refinery distributes its products locally and exports to domestic and international markets through pipeline and maritime assets.

Quick Facts


12.7 Nelson

Import &

Torrance, CA

The Torrance refinery is located in Torrance, California, and processes a blend of primarily heavy and medium crudes to produce a high-value product slate.  The Torrance refinery has a nameplate crude capacity of 155,000 barrels per day with a Nelson Complexity index of 14.9.

The Torrance refinery is located on a 700-acre site in Torrance, California.  It receives its crude oil primarily through a direct pipeline connection to California central valley and also has access to waterborne feedstocks through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  The refinery produces approximately 1.8 billion gallons of gasoline per year, which represents approximately ten percent of the gasoline demand in California. In addition to blending three grades of gasoline, Torrance produces diesel fuel, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs), coke and sulfur. The refinery ships products to customers via a series of proprietary pipelines and terminals throughout the region via truck, rail, barges, and ships.

Quick Facts


14.9 Nelson

700 acre

Martinez, CA

The Martinez refinery is PBF Energy’s most recent acquisition.  The 157,000 barrel-per-day, dual-coking refinery is located on an 860-acre site in the City of Martinez, 30 miles northeast of San Francisco, California. The refinery is a high-conversion facility with a Nelson Complexity Index of 16.1, making it one of the most complex refineries in the United States. The facility is strategically positioned in Northern California and provides for operating and other synergies with PBF’s Torrance refinery located in Southern California.  In addition to refining assets, the transaction includes a number of high-quality onsite logistics assets including a deep-water marine facility, product distribution terminals and refinery crude and product storage facilities with approximately 8.8 million barrels of shell capacity.

Quick Facts


16.1 Nelson

860 acre